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  • Heli-Tank™ portable asphalt storage tanks with hot oil heater
  • Thermal fluid heaters from 0.7 to 60 million Btu/hour
  • Asphalt-Rubber and Polymer Blending Systems
  • Emulsion plants & storage tanks
  • Asphalt & fuel tanks for hot mix asphalt plants
  • Asphalt & fuel tanks for hot mix asphalt plants
  • Asphalt bulk storage terminals
  • Heaters for offshore oil platforms
  • Thermecon™ heaters for marine cargo
  • Emulsion blending plants
  • HMO heaters for gas processing
  • Firestorm™ direct-contact water heaters

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Heatec makes heaters, tanks and related products for a wide variety of industries. Our heaters are used mainly for heating liquids and gases. Our tanks are used mainly for mixing and storing liquids. We offer replacement parts and field support for our products and similar products.

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We also provide products and technical services for construction and expansion of asphalt and emulsion terminals. For additional information on these topics click on TERMINALS in the top menu.