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Asphalt Terminals & Emulsion Plants

Heatec is heavily involved in building new asphalt storage terminals and asphalt emulsion plants. We do major mechanical design and electrical engineering work for these facilities in addition to building much of the equipment. We design and build most of the equipment at our modern factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We also assist with on-site installation at the facilities.

Our customers benefit immensely from Heatec’s long experience in designing and building hot oil heaters for terminals. We have built hundreds of these heaters for dozens of terminals. Moreover, we work closely with our sister company Astec to provide motor control centers, computerized controls and truck load-out systems. Their expertise for these systems is second to none.

Astec is highly regarded for their prepackaged, factory-built control centers and controls. These products eliminate the headaches associated with brick-and-motar buildings that require field errection, assembly and wiring. And our customers find it much easier to work with a single Heatec/Astec team rather than dealing with a multitude of individual contractors.

We recently completed an asphalt emulsion plant for BCI Materials in North Carolina and an asphalt terminal for C.W. Matthews in Rockmart, Georgia, an asphalt terminal for Municipal Contracting in Nova Scotia, Canada and another for Century Asphalt in Baytown, Texas. We are currently have other terminal projects under contract. Click here for photos of these facilities and related information. We provided major equipment for numerous other facilities. Click here for photos on equipment from various facilities and related information.