February 6, 2006
Service school attendees applaud classes at Heatec


Heatec Service Manager Ron Henry describes burner operation.

Asphalt plant operators, owners and other attendees of the recent service classes at Heatec speak highly of the quality of instruction. One attendee of the class on Tips for Lowering Heating Costs stated he was "shocked" to learn the cost savings from simply insulating jacketed asphalt pipe.

Heatec Director of Engineering Robert Wilfong elaborates on the comment by saying "If you insulate 3-inch jacketed asphalt pipe, you'll save about 1,500 Btu per hour per linear foot of pipe. Over a year, that translates to saving 90 gallons of No.2 fuel oil per foot of insulated pipe. And that's if you have a high-efficiency heater. If you consider long sections of pipe over several years, or factor in less-efficient heaters, the savings grow considerably."

Other comments from attendees stated that the classes were "very informative" and even praised Heatec's website as a valuable resource for technical information. Others stated that the 2006 classes were "even better than last year."

Additional classes include Troubleshooting Heaters, Controls on Heaters and Preheaters, and Asphalt Tanks, Pumps and Strainers. The half-day event at Heatec includes a tour of the Heatec manufacturing facility. The classes are part of the Astec 2006 Advanced Customer Schools.

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Ron Henry fires a burner during the class on Troubleshooting Heaters.

Attendees review typical wiring diagrams for control panels on Heatec hot oil heaters.

Mike Ritchie, from Heatec's electrical engineering department, explains the control circuit on Heatec fuel preheaters.

Class attendees tour the Heatec manufacturing facility.

Construction Engineering Manager Terry Rutledge answers questions about Heatec asphalt tanks.

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